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New Year, New Website, Big Changes

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!

As with many people, 2015 brings with it many changes to my world both personal and professional, and as with many more people still….some resolutions. Don’t worry,  I’m not going to bore you with my ideals on losing a few *tens* of pounds or reading more (I already do quite a bit of that), or about how I’m going to organize a riot over my painfully slow AOL-dial-up-grade internet service (seriously…why Verizon, whhhhhy!!!!?!!) No, my resolutions involve tidying up my websites, webstores, and maybe launching a few product lines I’ve been chewing at for years. Those inevitable and eventually interesting resolutions aside, my New Years brought me a renewed sense of purpose and change in life position much more worthy of your time…so….with all this needed updating…let’s get to it shall we?

First and foremost: I FINALLY BUILT A WEBSITE. It’s and it now alone houses my web store with available works, blog posts, online links, photo galleries, and contact page for commission, commercial, and editorial requests. It’s basically the best thing ever, and I am looking forward to fine-tuning it into a beautiful flower of weird creatures and sassy professionalism for everyone to enjoy as 2015 lurches on. I’ll still make a few sporadic postings here, but like all good things it will soon come to an end. Please stop by and let me know what you think, and check back monthly for updates, new catch phrases, and new and improved works to zazz up your walls and domiciles!

Second: Things just got REAL. (Real big that is) My first work of 2015 is arguably the biggest and quite possibly the best work I’ve ever created. Measuring over 30″ × 28″ × 24″ and weighing a hefty 30 lbs is my infamous “Cerberus” bust. Cerberus features three very charismatic coyote heads, each heavily modified and sporting the additional recycled and compassionately sourced skins of rabbit, opposum, and black bear fur scraps. The heads are fused together into one large and beautifully sculpted LED illuminated chest, chock-full of erupting eyes and tentacle like projections.  The whole bust is permanently mounted on to a massive recycled wood trophy panel with custom designed ball feet and invisible battery housing, and hangs from a military grade steel hanging system designed to distribute weight for easy hanging. I literally poured myself into the creation, construction, and execution of this piece and spared absolutely no expense to ensure it’s permanence and beauty in this world (of which it clearly does not belong). Many of you will be familiar with the mythos of Cerberus, but just in case you are not here’s a brief recap of the classic Greek god/monster/entity here. For a full explanation of my Cerberus inspiration and process visit my new website blog January 9th (or anytime thereafter) here. It’s a beautiful thing really, I feel like I have finally come into my own skin as an artist, and these puppies, and brilliant artist Chet Zar,  helped me get there.DSCF0010 DSCF0028 DSCF0038

This piece was specially created for Chet’s epic group show “Conjoined V” at none other than Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, Ca. Pictures of Cerberus went live New Years day and wow…did they stir up some attention! Rumor has it the piece will be making it’s debut in not only the notorious Galleries offical show catalog along side near legendary current artists, but many international art periodicals and perhaps even on film. After shipping him out and having myself a good therapeutic cry, I decided every dog must indeed have it’s day and that it was time for one of these.



And Last, but certainly not least: the future. Unknown to all but planned for by foolhardy people like me. After my next piece for Bash Contemporary Gallery (California) my next big piece of news will be my tropical destination wedding eating up February. With only the endless blue ocean, Cozumel sky, and a handful of my closest tribe members I will be off the map and in my own element sealing the deal on a decade long dance between me and my biggest fan and best friend. When I come back, I’ll hopefully have some beautiful pictures and some big news to share with you. (Drama Bomb!)

Until then my friends,  stay beautiful and stay with me ❤


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Into the fall, and over to Australia

I’m very excited to announce my invitation to exhibit at Auguste’ Clown Gallery in Australia for this years “Halloween Show”.
The list of participants is out-of-this-world and I am sure the event will be a huge success & spectacle.  Below are images of my very thematic contribution,  and just in time for the official Halloween season! Meooow.

“The Black Cat”  Original epoxy sculpture with custom glass eyes and silk fall leaves. Approx 15″x12″x4″ Available this Halloween.

Check out the gallery website HERE for more amazing artists and collections debuting work at this amazing creative space.

“Halloween Show” 2014  Featuring: Absurd Toys, Abbybelle, Alec Huxley, Avery Palmer, Benjamin Lukas, Bennett Slater, Bev Hogue, Buddy Nestor, Casey Weldon, Cat Rabbit, Cheshire Street, Chet Zar, Chris Haas, Cody Williams, Dan Harding, Dave Burke, Dave Kohlmon, David Richardson, Don Picton, Double Parlour, Emi Slade, Eric van Straaten, Eva Devon, Frank Forte, Geoffrey Gersten, Grayson Fogg, Horrible Adorables by Jordan Elise, Inga Lena, Irene Garcia, Jake Waldron, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hite, Jed Leiknes, Jeff Christensen, Jen Musatto, Joanna Mulder, Joe Scarano, John Pinkerton, Jonathan Payne, Joshua Harker, Kamilla Mlynarczyk, Kane Kokaris, Kat Caro, Lacey Bryant, Larkin, Lee Harvey Roswell, Lori Nelson, Mai-Ja, Mark Brown, Martin Tomsky, Matthew Dutton, Melanie Ashton, Paul Welsh, Puzgle, Ramon Maiden, Rudy Faber, Sandra Arteaga, Selena Leardini, Steph Sciullo, Steve Ferrera, Tate Steinsiek (Face Off), Tim Lee, Tokyo Jesus, Vinnie Cacciotti, Zombienose.





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“Cabinet & Curiosity” an H.P.Lovecraft-inspired horror.

  1. A strong desire to know or learn something.
    2. A strange or unusual object or fact
    You know what it did to the cat. And now I’ve brought it out for you.
    “Cabinet & Curiosity” is an installation style piece inspired by the late H.P Lovecraft and his world of the twisted, tentacled, macabre. Installed inside a heavily distressed and “reborn” gothic style clock tower lives this horrid and rather enormous wriggling beast. It’s single, penetrating golden eye never loses it’s fixation, never blinks, and never ever stops shining. Atop the head of the beast are translucent pustules and tattered rudimentary wings and arm-like projections. The creature appears to be in a sort of recently disturbed repose, at first relaxing inside it’s age old and scratched to the bone cabinet home, only now beginning it’s slow creeping decent upon it’s new viewer.
    you have to see this one to believe it, but unless you’re in Washington state, these pictures (or a purchase) will have to do.
    “Cabinet & Curiosity” is currently on display at the Red Raven Gallery, Port Townsend WA for the “What the Moon Brings” Lovecraft show.  Available works can be purchased through the gallery  HERE.
    Be careful out there….

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Coasters, Coasters, and more Coasters – Oh MY!

Ahhhh, fall. Quite possibly one of the best times of year, and undoubtedly..a busy time for an artist like me. This year is no exception and as anticipated I find myself stepping off of a 5 week creative blur with several impressive new pieces to share with you, each different and unique in it’s own unusual way.

Kicking off September right, my dream creature for La Luz de Jesus Gallery’s  much anticipated “Coaster Show”. For those of you outside Hollywood, CA: La Luz de Jesus Gallery has quite the reputation for being an ever-evolving arena of ground-breaking and original art shows, bizarre pop culture festivities, creative book signings, and yes,… even rogue taxidermy demos. Seeking to outdo themselves a second time around (the first show was a smash success of course, but why settle) the La Luz team invited virtually everyone from the fine art circuit to accept, tinker, and return what would later be over 1,500 mini masterpieces of lowbrow coasterific art. But why Coasters you ask? To coincide with LA’s Beer week of course, and to remind the world of the inherent beauty of approachable, hilarious, absurd art for drunken patrons sake. This is my favorite kind of show: over-the-top and sometimes, even under the belt line.

Here’s my contribution; a dreamy Raven I dreamed up, aptly named: “Dream Raven” (I know, I know..I’m a master with words.)

20140816_172642 20140816_182834_20140816183255032 20140816_184431


To view the whole show, visit the galleries website here.  Also check out the High Fructose coverage here.


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Upcoming Event: “Tenebrous” @ Clutter Magazine’s Gallery – Beacon, NY- June 14th

Hello Folks! Boy do I have some goodies for your eyeballs today! Debuting June 14th @ Clutter Gallery are my brand new and shockingly lively sculptural renditions of a Cassowary Bird and a mutant leucistic Alligator (with tentacles of course!) These sculptures are very unique to my previous collections and are omens of the evolution my work is undergoing. The Cassowary bust stands a hefty 20″ tall and features the use of black bear fur scraps on its body and eyebrows. The gorgeous blue-eyed reptilian is also a breach from my typical “sea” inspired works, and is the beginning of a long love affair with these charismatic and dangerous freshwater creatures. A quick google search will reveal that both animals are largely considered “lethal” yet both sculptures reflect a whimsical and approachable side, reminding viewers deadly is also beautiful, and curious about you as well. Both original works will be available for sale through the gallery directly and online, and interested collectors are encouraged to sign up for the exclusive “Gallery Preview” here to get their hands on their favorite picks. “Tenebrous” is a group sculptural exhibition and features the works of several top creators in this field. If you are local, stop by for the opening June 14th with a reception from 6-9pm at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508. Visit Clutters website here for more information regarding the magazine, gallery, or online social hubs. Tenebrous PTDC0029 - Copy ??????????????PTDC0022

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As a vendor and tourist-Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 coverage; Whatta Show!!!!

Hi everyone!

As expected I jumped from one crazy double-headed weekend into a second, then a third, and so on. ( It occurs to me I must THRIVE on this chaos because I am knocking out awesome work right and left while also shedding a few hairs around the studio tables!)

Anyways, I lagged in promoting here (though admittedly I am very active on my Facebook pages and Instagram – add me there!) but in early May I was a featured artist at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event in Kansas City, MO. With anyone who needs a refresher, Spectrum is a hardcover annual expose’ on the best of the best in the fantasy, horror, and sci-fi arts community. As quoted on their official website: “Spectrum matches or significantly exceeds the circulations of the other art annuals/source books published each year. Spectrum is sold in the mass market through all the major bookstores. Copies are also sent to many art directors and publishers to maximize exposure for the artists featured in the book. More eyes means more opportunities. As an international resource, participants report receiving commissions for work from clients from around the globe who have cited Spectrum as their contact source. Spectrum doesn’t exist to categorize or define fantastic art; rather, it exists to honor the imaginations of very special artists who delight in helping us see the world in a wonderfully different light. It’s our job to help them reach a wider appreciative audience.”  In Summary, SPECTRUM ROCKS.

Now for the last three years Spectrum has gone live and hosts an enormous gathering of 200+ of their featured artists, and dazzles us with meet and greets, top notch catering (yum), and the always a spectacle “Spectrum Awards Ceremony”. We walk the red carpet, have our photos snapped by paparazzi, and generally carry on like 200 + amazing artists under one seriously lavish roof could be expected to. As I did last year, I had the time of my life shaking hands with legends and selling my best works to a hungry-for-more collector population! Below you will find some pics I was somehow able to snap before the show opened and tried to capture the feel for the event (though there is virtually NO way to capture the size)…however, as many of you  understand, this energy transcends far beyond what a camera can capture and I guess you really did just have to be there!

From the bottom of my squishy tentacled heart, I’d like to thank the Lazarus Potter, all the participating artists, and of course Fenners for their continued support and generosity in light, love, and art magic. Until next year….God Speed Fellow Spectrumites, God Speed!!!!

Spectrum Flyers 2014 (6) Spetrum Live Pics (3) Spetrum Live Pics (5) Spetrum Live Pics (2) Spetrum Live Pics (4) Spetrum Live Pics (6) Spetrum Live Pics (1) Spectrum Flyers 2014 (3) Spectrum Flyers 2014 (4)