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Ahhh…May. We meet again.

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Yikes. I can’t believe it’s May already!

I guess when your deep underground obsessing over shades of teal and octopi, the world passes you by rather quickly, lol.

In truth I’ve been up to MUCH more that that this year. I moved into and up-cycled a live/work place downtown. Hosted a monster bash. Participated in several art shows (some of which are still going on), and added a few notches to my artistic belt. Not to mention I still have to grow a small human and grown man simultaneously!


I’m not complaining. Life is good.

Anyways, this month should be pretty exciting. I’ve got a full production schedule; Plently of Custom orders (shoes, sculpture, etc.), Several paintings, and uncountable leviathans coming into life around me. As if the grunt work of working my magic all over materials wasn’t enough, I’ve also got many meetings with entrepreneurs in the area, and many collaboratioons with local buisness to keep the Earth looking nice and bright.

I’m pretty much booked for the year.             Nice.

It may just be the Geek in me, and my unquenchable passion for aesthetically pleasing dates, but 2010 is seriously the most kick ass year yet.


Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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