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Creature Feature: The Siamese Starfish

These are by far some of my favorite invertebrates to date. Kicking off a new series of conjoined creatures, these starfish ooze beauty and sophistication…even if they are genetic abnormalitys!

Incredible color blending, eye catching contrasting hues, and extreme attention to detail are the star elements that make this piece a true work of art.

Mounted atop an absolutely gorgeous and meticulously hand painted base, this “Siamese Starfish” will capture the eyes of any and all who wander near. They have been hand sculpted using only the finest non toxic polymer clays and have been sealed in ultra tough, non yellow lacquer. The colors simply cannot be appreciated on camera or film, hold this beauty in your hands and you will fall wildly in love. Guaranteed.

*approx. 12″ in length and 8″ in width, stands just over 2″ tall.

Available for Sale


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The Madness that is July 10th!….

Never underestimate the power of good music, friends, and legal stimulants.

Without these three things (and of course to blessings of the Gods) I wouldn’t be able to work this hard and not lose my mind. Allow me to explain.

July 10th 2010 is a historic day for the Art of Emi Slade. First off, it’s the summer date for the twice annual Shadow Art Fair, located in Ypsilanti Mi. I have made my pilgrimage here many times, and every year I end up recruiting 100’s of new lovers and supporters of my work.  The art fair is located inside of the infamous “Corner Brewery”, a local hot spot for killer entertainment and premium micro brews, and draws such enormous crowds of people many times I wonder if the never ending waves of people exsist as a life force of it’s own, lol. This event lasts all day Noon-Midnight and boasts only the most AMAZING artists from the area and shocases many installation and interactive type displays. Every season they release small batches of goodies, gadgets, and honorable special brews…I can confidently say if you miss this event your life will be poorer for it!

That being said, July 10th is also the same date (as well as same location, Ypsilanti MI) as “The Stockyard Stomp”, this HUGE outdoor party/music/art festival features countless superstar artists, tattoo artists, dirt bike race tracks, and a pin striping and hot rod show as just the beginning of it’s plans. Scheduled to go on well into the night this one-of-a-kind atmosphere , located on a spacious and secure private lot, is the perfect breeding ground for creativity and mystic mayhem. I hear rumors about  giant bonfires, tasty high end foods, and plentiful sexy men who’d like to give me a ride on their choppers. Nights like these are the stuff of legends, most assuredly.

So what’s the big deal?

Well My friends and fans……I will be a featured seller at BOTH of these events. As if it is not hard enough to create two seperate yet complimentary collections of work for each event, I have taken it upon myself to promote and support these events utilizing space age cross pollination techniques, prize art, and of course… I ambitiously plan to spilt myself into 2 seperate functioning Emis. Ha. Nice.

Well, maybe not that last bit. I’m not actually going to be doing into duplication anytime soon, but I will be calling on my few trusted friends to assist me in the insanely fun juggle of time and colorful monster studded banter. Want to connect and talk shop? I will post my schedule of appearances on this site and many others in the days before the events so you can be sure of where to find me and when.

I’m starting to think at some point in a persons life they may realize they have bitten off more than they can chew, give into exhaustion, you know….take time to put there feet up. But for me, at this place and time in my existence, I can proudly say that time is not here for me. Of course I do have my moments of relaxation: They just emerge when I smell the roses as I create them, smear them with paint, and display them for all the world to sniff ❤

Here’s a few teasers of the incredible (and VAST) new body of work for the coming summer season. I suggest you mark your calenders and plan on attending one if not both of July 10ths events, these creations won’t last long and are going to set the town on fire!

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Lots of New Creations on Etsy!!!

I’ve been really working the past month or so to utilize my Etsy market space. For the longest time I left it inactive, using it only when it crossed my mind and allowing the listings to default.

But times have changed!!!

And now I’m doing my best to fill it up with all the little goodies my fandom seems to adore. Please stop by sometime and have a look , I could use a little feed back and of course a new collector (or two) hehe!

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My dear friend Took Gallagher has inspired me to create a small line of “Wearables” for this summers events! I’m really digging them; they are great fun to make and allow me the freedom to experiment with new techniques for the larger works. I will be releasing them in small batches for the next 3 weeks, so periodically check back here (blog) or at my Etsy site to add these awesome and very limited little neck buddies to your “Art of Emi Slade” collection!!!

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New Works to See at the Liberty Street Brew, Plymouth

I’m looking forward to tomorrow evenings festivities. I’ve produced quite a few new creatures for this show (of many shapes and sizes) and finally wrapped up the Creature Mailbox custom that has consumed much of my time lately.

I feel an air of relaxation and calm. This is always the best time to enjoy award winning beer!

I’m listening to the “Fresh Air” interview with John Waters, and I can’t describe in words how enamored I am with this man. He is effortlessly all the easy going and humorously disturbed parts of the world that I wish I could be, and of curse, he has a great voice.