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My apologies for the delay.

I have been enjoying a few rouge days of R&R before I inevitably get back to the grind. It seems it was wise of me to clear out my calendar so that I could literally put my feet up for awhile, by the end of the evening my heels had all but broke them down. I however, consider this a plus.

As I had hoped the reception at the Shadow Art Fair was incredible. Many people stood around with smiles on their faces while I gave my list of ingredients and conception. Zingermans was kind enough to pass out some seriously amazing sandwiches complete with veggies and chocolate. Not uncommonly there was an enormous gathering of extremely jovial and wide eyed patrons for all events, and don’t get me started on the Blackberry Pale!

Personally, it was a very moving day..if I held any doubt in mind to the success of the sculptures before, it was totally blown away by 3pm. I could not, nor can I even now, put into words the elation it is to see something my passion burned through my fingers go so quietly into another set of  hands. I love being a vendor, a market woman, at my best…a peddler of squid ❤


Normally I’d just end it there, keep my post all romantic and whatnot. Send you off a such on good note Forest Gump comes across you mind. But in this particular case, it is quite necessary for me to stress how much you should have been there. Case in Point, the Stockyard Stomp.

Now I’d like to start by saying that with every single thing in life there are preferable and less than preferable outcomes. Speaking only for myself I think it’s probably around 50/50 for everything, go ahead and sprinkle anything you want on top of it. Whatever, if your happy, awesome. But for me it’s pretty much always  50/50.

I think what makes an event truly successful is it’s ability to, for any given amount of time, completely offset the balance and somehow hold it magically to one side. It’s a pretty simple machine, but it hinges on so many tiny elements working smoothly together it’s a miracle every time it actually works.   In my humble opinion I believe the Stockyard Stomp was just such a creation. In my best surfer roll…That was a totally excellent party man. The music was great, the artists represented were great, and the crowd was boisterous, energetic, and welcoming. And of course, for me there is always the deal-breaker, there was the fire.  Take an evening, lift it all the way off the ground, shake it, and still have all the pieces fall magically back into place…and now were talking about a good party.


Tomorrow will be back to the lab. I will be uploading images, videos, etc. for the events for the day, along side many other updates of new works, the start of a new journey (in cellophane), and all the information regarding available works now and moving on into July.

Oh yeah.

“Thanks for watching folks, but now it’s time for the show!”

*Special Thanks to the guys who shot these videos, for more awesomeness (direct from them) check out their sites and subscribe!!! <3*

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

2 thoughts on “Ah….wonderment.

  1. SO excited for the new journey into cellophane!!!!

  2. Me too….my prototype is so much fun!

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