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August is American Good Fun Time!

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As always, life in the lab is taking on new and interesting shapes….and costing a fortune to feed lol. I’ve been expanding my new projects to be

bigger and more complex then thier fathers, and I must say it’s getting cramped in here!

Some projects I will be chronicling on this blog site (starting next week) are the “Orthoceras Diorama” and “The Evolution of the Flat Worm“. Both of these pieces are very large and are complete, movable,  museum grade dioramas… with my own special pop touches of course. I will upload pics as the projects move along so all my super special fans can see just how something this weird actually comes to be!

That being said…let us move on to the month of Augusts line up for openings and shows (you know, places you can find me when I actually crawl out into the light of day):

My Official Schedule is as follows:

~August 7th-Santa Barbara, CA (Ag2 Gallery)~

AG2 is having their Grand Opening and ultra fabulous Surrealism show, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it! Located at 1101 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA,  this gallery is quickly becoming a hot spot for local, outsider/lowbrow, and pop surrealism in the area. The curator is an absolute professional and delight..and I look forward to seeing what other amazing artists pop up in her new space!

For information about this gallery and it’s family or artists visit here.

~August 7th-Ypsilanti, MI (Keystone Underground)~

LLIC Magazine will be holding an intimate art exhibition/music event with DJ’s Buster Lagosie and Ayinde Audio. Representing five talented local artists that range from sketch art to metal works, come join us for a fun night of drinking, dancing, and LLIC’ing.”

Laundromat is a new night that will be getting your booty’s shaking every first saturday of every month. Playing a range of disco, funk, boogie and soul. If you guys have …ever been to the Electric Marmalade in Ann Arbor then you will enjoy this, probably even more…

Keystone Underground

200 W. Michigan Ave.

Ypsilanti, MI.

August 7th: 9pm – 2am


Drink Specials:
1.50 Coors Light
5.00 Long Island Ice Tea’s
5.00 on all martinis

~August 21/22nd-Detroit, MI (Peoples Art Festival)~

This will be a weekend long outdoor music and art festival located around the infamous Russel Inductrial Center.

There will be many unique and talented artist booths, performances, and of course….Detroit LOVE!!! Come on down, it’s free and you know… I’ll have a bowl of candy tee hee…<3



OKAy….so I think we can all agree I’m just a little busy this month. Luckily I have the opportunity to be my own boss and give myself some time off in Sept. I plan on doing some much needed camping and napping, maybe even take my son to the water park a dozen times or so. Though there cannot be TOO much vacation….I am in the works with Detroit Comics in Ferndale, MI and will probably be putting up some work in thier gallery (Sept.), as well as working on the Art-O-Mat collection and script development for a new heady art Film “Lacrimosa”  featuring your truly as the films artistic subject. Soundtrack will be provided by The Found Object Orchestra, and live performance will accompany the films debut!

Sounds cool? Yeah, just keep stopping back here…I’ll have plenty more where that came from.


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Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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