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Baby Mice, Vintage Threads, and my Growing Coast to Coast Antiquarium

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So I have this little mouse friend, Mimolette, and she is a “fancy” mouse. She lives here in the lab, runs around like she owns the place, and just generally is the coolest and lowest maintenance animal ever. I stuff her with apples, peanut butter, and toast most mornings…and life is humble and cute.

Over drinks a friend told me recently that mice like to live in pairs, so naturally after noticing how lonely she could be (and how terrible of a mouse owner that would make me), I went out a got her another mousey friend. Enter Iraty: (Yes, these mice are named after cheeses) and as luck would have it…Iraty is really really really knocked up….and having babies all over my lab??! *surprised face*

To be continued……

Moving right along I’d like to use this moment to exercise my “OMG Blog” skills and let everyone know how fabulous it is to be within a square mile of the infamous “Lost and Found Vintage Clothing” store. OH ..My ..god. If anyone could have ever told me in the future that I would be shelling out 28$ for a fragile and faded Croc dress with more years of experience than myself I would have slapped them right in the mouth. But now I am here, standing tall, and looking damn near fabulous doing  just that. I want to pay these girls every dollar they ask. What they do is essential. Reinventing, or presenting the articles and allowing them to be reinvented…is a skill I hold high in regard in a consumers economy. There is the delight of shopping, the treasure hunt appeal of sneaking around in a a pharoahs chamber, and an ambiance that says…”Hey, wear whatever the f**k you feel like baby.” I really dig it, really.     *nudge nudge*<3


To Matters of Great Importance!!!!

Now that August has begun, I’d like to say this.       Hell…yes.

I am so pumped for the events this moon cycle. The AG2 (Squared) Gallery is having their Grand Opening this Saturday at 1101 State Street, Santa Barbara CA. I have seem many images of work that will be displayed, I must say, SUCH a good show! I’m totally bummed I can’t be there in person, but I am just going to have to save that for the day I show up and surprise Andy with my finest incarnations of pop desire…ever.!!!..muhahahahah! lol

But then there is the LLIC opening at Keystone’s Lounge and Martini Bar in Ypsilanti, MI. I will actually be there (dressed in my snazzy vintage gear), *double plug* taking some interviews and sharing hugs amd new work with everyone. I will have high fives available for free all night as well ❤

I’ll be throwing up a mini Antiquarium…..the very beginnings of a new display showcase and concept I have been working towards with the sculpture. I love being a purveyor of fine creatures, monsters, and Krackens….oh my. This idea is sure to get some good refinement and exercise over the rest of the month as I blow through the Bizarre Bazaar festival and then The Peoples Art Festival.

I think it’s better to state this: “If you DON’T see me this time of year..your going out of your way too“. *Clears throught* Modest. I know.

More Updates this weekend.

See you soon!

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