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At LAST! Hurray for a return to the virtual world.

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I’m very happy to be plugged back in. That’s probably a bad thing, in fact many I know would say so, but if loving the internet is wrong…I don’t wanna be right. Mmmm Mmm.

For me sitting in the studio within arms reach of a computer, record player, and trusty ConAir hair dryer really is an incredibly mind altering thing.  (Admittedly, its not the healthiest lifestyle in the world.. at this point I just consider my chubby parts an occupational hazard) but the incredible speed at which I am able to plow through material is pretty righteous. Yes righteous. Surrounding myself with a steady stream of  historical and musical information has given me a kind of brain-gasm, and blowing off the frustration of reality through intellectual meditation has really allowed me to channel my imagination. Enter the internet: The vital stream of classic science fiction broadcast, exotic lounge music, and of courser… un warranted sexual advantages. Ugh. Bittersweet, but needed for balance I guess. 😀

Annywaysss…..thankfully my internet silence does not reflect the volume and quality of the monsters I’ve been producing in my secret dungeon laboratory. First there were the grotesque and elegant pieces for the “LA Grotesque”  opening at Stark Weather Gallery (Oct 30th). The illumination-capable “Antiquarium piece: abyssal Octopi” and partner “Deep Sea Angler”. The latter is mounted inside a a beautiful and antique teak wood Chinese shadowbox. He rests with jaws agape, atop a bed of crimson velvet. Ooh La La ! A MUST SEE! These are currently on display, and the show will continue until October 30th…where it will close with a fabulous reception in true celebration of the macabre and, of course, the devilish mystic of Devil’s Night!

Continuing on, the next piece that was completed was a very complex and powerful piece of work…”The Oracle”. If I am permitted to say…I think this could be one of my best pieces ever. To explain it on paper (screen.. whatever) could simply not be accurate. You really do need to see this one in person.

It is enormous. Regal. My take on a spiritual icon: the all seeing medium through which my inspirations speak. The oracle itself has many rich golden details and embellishments, color blending above and beyond anything I have managed before, and a piercing stare that is both vexing and revealing. I swear to god I put magic in this thing.

It is currently on display at Gallery 323 East in Downtown Royal Oak, and if it alone does not warrant a trip, consider the amazing works of Tom Thewes as reason in itself for a pilgrimage. Also created for this gallery is my pop-tastic “Trophy Mount”…a writhing head of orange, red, and aqua patterned tentacles twisting around  a cuttle fish-like head. I loved making that guy…there is something like 30 coats of paint on that face….the pigments I mix up are indeed bright, but require a bazillion layers to deliver that special paint job punch. Check him out, stare for a bit, then snag him for your abode for a cool 450$.

Lastly, there are two additional creature appearances scheduled for this fabulous month of October. Friday, October 22nd is Rock and Rummage: 3rd Annual Treats And Treasures Show, where the most recent and soon to be creepy critters are to appear. Consider these works apparitions…totally amazing, illusive, and so f-ing morbid you will either fall horribly in love with them or run for your life. Evisceration. Enough said. There will be many inexpensive pieces and spoo-o-o-oky pendants just for all you weirdos out there with no money. Ha, love you guys.

Lastly, Oct. I will be a featured artist at the much anticipated Deadmau5 concert @ EMU Convocation Center in Ypsilanti (October 25th). This is a one night event (naturally) and I will have some very large creature attractions and painted works just for you super-special concert goers! Click Here for more  Mau5-y knowledge.

So yeah…..that’s Octobers line up for ya. Of course I still have a million other little projects running in the background…but as is always the case, you gotta pick your battles. Don’t ask me where I get all this damn energy and inspiration….I’m starting to think I have a brain tumor of something.

Stay Tuned!


Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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