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Tricks and Treats for the “Rock and Rummage” event!

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I just wanted to do a quick update on a few of the new diggs for the event @ Savoy this weekend. Rock and Rummage presents: The 3rd Annual Treats And Treasures Show, you should head out a see some of my wonders….many of which I will not post here…for a trick I suppose!!!! There will be many new and spo-o-o-oky pendants, some gore-tastic works, and even a conjoined zombie squid twin or two. Take your pick, but don’t drag your feet…these creepy critters never last very long.

First in the line up is the pop-fabulous “Dribbles“…he’s just over 12″ in length, about 6″ in width, and stands just over 4.5” tall. He features very intricately detailed eyes, wonderful color blending, and is a partner in crime to the creature developing on the teal base “Fluffy“. They can be sold as a pair or separately, though I recommend pairing them for obvious reasons. They will be sold for 150$ each or 250$ for the pair.

Second in line is the “Extraterrestrial Curiosty” a very vibrant and uniquely painted mount. Hung from a wall he looks down on you intensely, and the colors are so vivid, he will destroy all other decorations around him! He will have a special place on my table for a cool 60$.

I’m really looking forward to this years Rummage, speaking for myself I know I’m bring my “A” game, and I have a VERY good feeling everyone else is too!


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Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

One thought on “Tricks and Treats for the “Rock and Rummage” event!

  1. Lovely sharp post. Extolment to you!

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