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Mutants, Mutants Everywhere!

There’s so much work pouring out of my brain and into the lab right now!!!!! …….must………hold on….to my Sanity!


December is coming. Ready your pockets! ❤


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The Wasp is growing……

Just some quick pics of the newest god awful monster birthed from the Lab……

…..Really wild stuff….this thing is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!


“War is one of the scourges with which it has pleased God to afflict men.”

Deep in the belly of the lab, something terrible is growing….

As many of you know, there have been some major changes in the creatures of my strange and colorful world. As the days grow colder and the leaves begin to pile up around the windows in the lab, beasts of great size and presence have begun to emerge one by one, upping the ante of my collection and expanding further away from the semi-static forms on flat bases that once bound them.

I talk often of “blueprints”, the “machine”, the “master-plan”. These are all explanations of the calculated growth of my army of curiousitys; a plan of bizarre sculptural infiltration into the world at large!  (Muhahahahaha) The “Antiquarium, as this collection of work is formally called, is rapidly spreading over the planet Earth, and as the smaller pop-tastic squids and sea creatures lay down their place in homes and window fronts all over the world…..a larger wave of leviathans are making their way to the frontline.

These larger “installation” style pieces will begin their official emergence in the start of 2011, and will begin a new chapter in the “fine” Art of Emi Slade, the first wave of monster Gods, Elders, and enormous specimens of un-recorded.  Un-natural, History.

It’s going to be swell. ❤

That being said, there are only going to be  a few opportunity’s left this year to snatch up some of my very first  sculptural generations! To the left of the site, there are links to several of the local business who have lent a hand in distributing these fabulous goods. (for the much-dreaded holiday season, lol.) At LIFT: Designer Toys and Gallery, you will find deep-sea inspired octopus music boxes, gruesome movie monsters, colorful extraterrestrials, and of course…an eye-poping squid or two. All these creations are priced to sell and make WONDERFUL gifts, not only because they are pretty damn cool, (hehehehe…I can say that right?!), but as they are being released less and less in favor of larger pieces, their collectablity makes them a wonderful addition to any kind of artistic collection. 323 East, a FABULOUS fine art hub in downtown Royal Oak, is boasting the possession of the infamous “Oracle”, the large-and-in-charge soothsaying creature. 3 faces. Golden eyes. Piercing stare. This is one of those pieces you need to see to believe…I could write about it till’ the cows came home….but really, nothing I could come up with would accurately sum up its penetrating presence. Also on display @ 323 is the outstandingly orange, red, and bahama blue cranium….“Game Head Trophy”, for all those intergalactic head-hunters out there. The head is very large, highly detailed, and simply beautiful to gaze upon. A must for anyone who values that special place above the fireplace, or for the collector who doesn’t mind an endless stream of compliments and questions. *nudge nudge* (see the creatures here)

Lastly this year, I will be exhibiting my HUUUUGE and final body of 2010 work at the much anticipated art event: “D.I.Ypsi-A handmade Holiday Fair. This fabulous event will take place at The Savoy in Ypsilanti, December 11th, 11am-7pm. I will have an enormous spread for all my super snazzy fans and monster loving kin, with many reasonably priced sculpture, paintings, and cute-as-hell gifts for your friends and family. There will be a large tree of the “Wearables” monsters…you know, pendants/ornaments/charms….. and this OFFICIALLY will be the LAST large spread of these super funky goods. I may be releasing a few small themed runs of them for a few choice summer events next year, but essentially that will be it. I strongly encourage you grab up one or two now, before they are hard to get your hands on later!

Alright, well that seems to sum up the workings of the past few weeks, in the next day or so I will be sure to post “In-progress” pictures of my current projects, the enormous “God of War” and the wall mountable “cabinet of horrors!!!!”

Much Love Earth!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤