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Enter 2011

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Ahhh…yes, the new year. I time of celebration, new beginnings, and excessive (and excusable) drinking. Though I have had my fill of the latter, I am thrilled to see the new beginnings awaiting my work!

There is much good news for the first quarter of 2011!

First, there will soon be my first official batch of “Art-o-Mat” goods soon to be dispensed all over the united states. If you have not heard of the Art-o-Mat Project…take a look here. I will leave information and images the finished product for another post, as in the case with many large projects, changes are made right up into the last few minutes!

Second, I will exhibiting some spectacular works at the 12th Dirty Show in Detroit, Mi. this February 11-19th.  To be revealed will be 3 very ornate and outrageous sculptures, each one a personal artistic rendering of a disturbing and bizarre sexual fetish. I’ve been collaborating with a terrific Ypsilanti musician/Craftsmen by the name of Andy Furda to make each piece an elegant and rich display of the obscure practices in human sexuality. With the help of Andy, each work will feature a hand-carved trophy plaque with skillfully woodburned details accentuating and highlighting the high level of detail in each sculpture. Presented in the highest level of style and sophistication, Andy and I hope to reveal through three dimensional materials, the passion and dare I say…naughty nature of our american sexual culture gone out-of-control. Of course there may be a tentacle or two featured  in the work, and there have been many requests to see concept/production images of these impressive works,…. but for now I’m keeping these super special pieces hidden away for the big opening day! (I know, always being sneaky 🙂

Thirdly, within the next week or so there will be a full re-stocking of local retailer LIFT, located in Royal Oak, Mi. For all you local collectors and admirers, please take a moment to stop in and say hello to the lovely staff and local art goods. I simply can’t say enough how proud I am to know and work with these fabulous folks. Thank you LIFT for keeping us Detroit artists in business!

Finally, on the board for the month of February will be the finalization of the “God of War” piece (a giant japanese hornet complete with fire, brimstone, and gnawing larvae), my first completed small-scale evolution diorama, new deep sea critters equip with lighting elements, and a series of ten 100$ 8×10 paintings for a cozy little coffee shop near you (if you live in Ypsilanti, MI that is)!

As is always the goal in the lab….continuing on into the year you can expect to see bigger and more elaborate installations and creatures popping up all over the United States. I have made major head-way in establishing my work along both the western and eastern coasts (location/dates to be announced), and there is talk of a vinyl toy line to spring up in Tokyo , Japan closing this year off with another big BANG!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make 2010 a year I will surely never EVER be able to forget, and I can’t wait to see you all very soon…with new goods in hand!

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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