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I’ll take a quad-shot expresso please. Oh, and that giant container of Bondo too.

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Ya’ll know what time it is right? Right?

It’s BONDO time!!!!!!

This month has been a wonderful culmination of both work, sleep, and experimentation. Deep in the bowels of my subterranean laboratory I’ve been staying up late, tinkering away with the chemistry of two-part epoxy compounds and the ever-fantastic (and equally popular) “scratch-n-sniff’ technology of days gone. Being a self-taught craftsmen, I’ve had to literally go through piles and piles of lab-critters…endlessly making slight alterations here and small tweeks in the formula there. As far as I know, there aren’t any guides out there that explain how to suspend layers of oil in between thin applications of plastic……but I feel as though I’ve made great advancements in both creating and sustaining  just that. Maybe someday I’ll write my own book with all this compiled data…a collection of insane ramblings and pure hobby genius. Who knows  (any publishers? lol)

First off, if you haven’t made your way over to the Detroit based Dirty Show Exhibition, I highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and run there now. Of course you will find my renowned (and revolting) works of 3, count them 3, creations of more-or-less ruined “private areas”. If you need help locating said pieces, simply start at the entrance and follow the sounds of people dry-puking and squirming uncomfortably in their skin.

yes, that is a sound.

My love affair with the aforementioned “Bondo” has actually been sparked by my participation in a very rad show @ ZAKKA Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. In order to make the alterations and “nips/tucks” I wanted to see in my snazzy (and currently unreleased) vinyl figure, I had to purchase a variety of two-part epoxy and begin my usual battery of tests… the end, good ole’ automotive polyester blends gave the results I was looking for, and soon now my mighty creation will live!!!! Check out some other incredible artists participating in the event by clicking the links here, here, and here! There is also a pretty sweet video promo by the infamous Mr. Den here.

In addition to the works in progress I mentioned in the last post, there are also some very exciting and fairly new conceptual works developing in the lab as well. For example; “Plated: A full service Art exhibition” is a small body of work to be displayed for Woods Gallery (Huntington Woods, MI) in May and features several sliced, diced, and just plain knauched-on sea creatures served on finely polished silver serving platters. Each dish comes with a side of fruit, garnish, and greens…*none of which are for human consumption*, of course. I can thank my advancements in “Hoisin Sauce” technology for the amber shades of glaze and realistic suspension of shaved cheeses over slimy skin on this series<3

To round out the end of the month, I’ve selected a choice few papers from my magical grab-bag of ideas, and to go on the block is a fabulous taxidermy multi-headed hydra rat, as well as the finished works for a dear friend Mr. Jerry Vile (see Dirty Show Detroit). I am looking forward to the end results of my labor on these projects. The awful stink of fresh skin and injectable preservatives?!?! Not So Much.

That’s about all I got for today kiddies, stay tuned for more fun (and disgusting) adventures!

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Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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