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It’s Time For Meth & HotDogs (2)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Meth & Hot Dogs 2 is a celebration of character art in all its forms. The exhibit will bring together a group of 36 artists whose illustration, plush, custom toys, sculpture and paintings show an appreciation for the demented, cute and strange.”  ~LIFT

Meth & Hot Dogs 2: A Collection of Even More Unscrupulous Characters
Curated by – Kill Taupe
Opening Saturday, April 30th | 7-10pm

Here are a few sample images of various works from some of the participating artists! There is an INCREDIBLE line up, Kill Taupe has absolutely out-done himself in collecting an national spread of incredible and widely known creatives.

Stop by and enjoy the sensory overload, trust me, you DON’T want to miss this show! ❤

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The show will feature work from:

– Matthew Ryan Sharp
– Kristin Barr
– Gus Fink
– Dennis Hansbury
– Cuddly Rigor Mortis
– Emi Boz
– Dusty Artwork
– Allesandro Echevarria
– Jenn & Tony Bot
– JC Rivera
– Emi Slade
– Scottoons
– Jamie Fales
– Love and a Sandwich
– Kill Taupe
– Martin Corba
– Heather Hansma
– A Little Stranger
– Carlos Araujo
– Cody Schibi
– Crystal mielcarek
– Crowded Teeth
– GrimSheep
– Bonus Saves
– Miss Monster
– Time Pewe
– Rsin
– Happycloud Thunderhead
– Lauren Moyer
– Matthew Keiser
– Stephen Vincent
– Noitan
– Perfect Laughter
– Hello Again Monsters
– Vanessa Ramirez
– Took Gallagher
– Wise Chick
– Sumbody
– Mike Kelly

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Show Review: “Dirty Brothers Quality Productions Present: GOLD show”

Currently residing inside  the Dreamland Theater of Ypsilanti Mi is a collection of works that, not ironically, spread out like  a glittering showroom of local talent and pure creative exuberance. I’m talking about the assemblage curator Chris Sandon has compiled for DBQP (or Dirty Brothers Quality Productions) presents: GOLD show.

As you can imagine every detail of this event is smeared in a perfect shade of sparkly awesomness, and the unique and comical art collection flecked on the walls is indeed on the level, but it’s what we can’t see going on here that’s actually the real treasure. Here is a collection of some of the finest alchemist punks I know, doing what they do best, and having way too much fun while they’re doing it….

(A quick briefing on the Ypsilanti subculture)

Many times in my organizational life have I worked with and enjoyed the band of misfits that currently occupy the Dreamland Theater scene. The building itself is a puppet theater with regular events and workshops. Not your everyday puppet theater (as if there even were any), the Dreamland puppet troupe have quite a few outlandish plays up their sleeves, several revolving on comedic pop culture spoofs twisted through their imaginative anarchist lens. When the sun goes down, the space has been host to countless local art and musical arrangements, festival headquarters, and generally..acts as an incubator for the eclectic and ever-changing Ypsilanti scenesters* to showcase their collective talent *(I mean this in the nice old school kind of way, not the new insulting way). The creators of the DBQP team also hail from this funky little downtown spot, but to summarize their organization, it’s much more incredible to let them do it themselves: “A big blanket fortress inside which a bunch of art-rejects can have a creative pillow fight“.

He’s not kidding.

There usually are pillows, or at least, stuff animals duct-taped to your hands.

So, combining all these elements its easy to see why I can call the GOLD show event a fantastic spectacle and can be accurate 100%. The art was great, the music was wonderful (vids below), and the tomatoes tasted delicious.

For information regarding viewing or purchasing the work, contact curator Chris Sandon by clicking here or here.

Below is my piece for the show….Title: Flying Golden Owl Squid


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Show Review: “DEM BONEZ: Reconstruction”

“What opened last Friday, March 25th 2011, at Zakka in New York was the much anticipatedDem Bonez “The Reconstruction” – vinyl custom show! This event is centered around one figure, a vinyl platform created by the godfather of graffiti, SEEN, and features custom works from a talented pool of toy customizers, fine art painters, sculptors, graffiti and special FX artists from all around, and wow did all the pieces turn out awesome!”

It’s fair to say this show kicked some serious booty, but if you need proof….check out this sweet video created by OsirisOrion!!

(My pieces is the 4th to be viewed)

Dem Bonez custom show @ Zakka 3/25/11 DUMBO NYC from OsirisOrion on Vimeo.

Here are some of my photos of the piece, titled “Atlantian Relic”, it features a thick crusted of algae, sea life, and seaweed strands covering the entire back side. A little treat for those who view all angles of the work! The front side shows off the stone painted skeletal features and also hosts two large cephalopods spilling out of the stone cavities. Truly a phenomenal piece that is sooo incredibly priced (250$!) Please contact either Curator Den Ramos or ZAKKA Gallery for purchasing information ❤

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A quick note about Surviving the “Great Recession” in Detroit 2011

“It’s hard out here.”

~ An older gentleman at the coffee house this morning, on a cell phone, sipping .50$ black roast over the .75$ Oakland Press.

Allow me to rant a moment about the trials and tribulations of being an underclass working artist, trying to survive in the crumbling world of Metro Detroit….

…it’s true. It IS hard out here.

Now I obviously can’t speak for other cities across this wide open country, but speaking as a representative of the Local Art Scene of Detroit, I think it’s fair to say that “making it happen” here is just plain and simple…not for the faint of heart.
To survive here you must have tremendous drive, unwavering commitment, and most importantly..intestinal fortitude. Allright, well maybe that last part is not so mandatory. But it does help 😀
Detroit Artists are presented with some unique challenges, some even down right devastated art-buying markets, and a local government that in my humble opinion..does its best to drive our awesome sub-culture right back into the broken concrete it proudly sprung from. I have observed for several years the incredible efforts our artisans and craft people have gone too to promote a community of dedicated, welcoming, and skilled creatives. I have felt for myself the warmth and sense of pride our rich DIY scene has to offer, and basked a time or two in the pride of our long list of celebrity production.Above all I am not surprised we generate powerful characters here. Here we are determined, flexible, and carved more or less out of stone.
My advice? Never ever ever give up. Its not easy here. Its probably not easy anywhere. But I believe our motivation to survive and even thrive here ensures the Detroit Artists will imprint upon our city an appreciated mark of conviction and admiration.

Maybe I’m just being sappy, but even though it seems challenging to rise above that which may hold us down here, I love this city. I love the people. I even love the dust, broken bricks, and cheap liquor stores down Woodward.
Bravo to everyone making sacrifices to follow their dreams here…and thank you so very much to all our fans and collectors…for keeping all our heads above water. ❤