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A quick note about Surviving the “Great Recession” in Detroit 2011

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“It’s hard out here.”

~ An older gentleman at the coffee house this morning, on a cell phone, sipping .50$ black roast over the .75$ Oakland Press.

Allow me to rant a moment about the trials and tribulations of being an underclass working artist, trying to survive in the crumbling world of Metro Detroit….

…it’s true. It IS hard out here.

Now I obviously can’t speak for other cities across this wide open country, but speaking as a representative of the Local Art Scene of Detroit, I think it’s fair to say that “making it happen” here is just plain and simple…not for the faint of heart.
To survive here you must have tremendous drive, unwavering commitment, and most importantly..intestinal fortitude. Allright, well maybe that last part is not so mandatory. But it does help 😀
Detroit Artists are presented with some unique challenges, some even down right devastated art-buying markets, and a local government that in my humble opinion..does its best to drive our awesome sub-culture right back into the broken concrete it proudly sprung from. I have observed for several years the incredible efforts our artisans and craft people have gone too to promote a community of dedicated, welcoming, and skilled creatives. I have felt for myself the warmth and sense of pride our rich DIY scene has to offer, and basked a time or two in the pride of our long list of celebrity production.Above all I am not surprised we generate powerful characters here. Here we are determined, flexible, and carved more or less out of stone.
My advice? Never ever ever give up. Its not easy here. Its probably not easy anywhere. But I believe our motivation to survive and even thrive here ensures the Detroit Artists will imprint upon our city an appreciated mark of conviction and admiration.

Maybe I’m just being sappy, but even though it seems challenging to rise above that which may hold us down here, I love this city. I love the people. I even love the dust, broken bricks, and cheap liquor stores down Woodward.
Bravo to everyone making sacrifices to follow their dreams here…and thank you so very much to all our fans and collectors…for keeping all our heads above water. ❤


Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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