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It’s Time For Meth & HotDogs (2)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“Meth & Hot Dogs 2 is a celebration of character art in all its forms. The exhibit will bring together a group of 36 artists whose illustration, plush, custom toys, sculpture and paintings show an appreciation for the demented, cute and strange.”  ~LIFT

Meth & Hot Dogs 2: A Collection of Even More Unscrupulous Characters
Curated by – Kill Taupe
Opening Saturday, April 30th | 7-10pm

Here are a few sample images of various works from some of the participating artists! There is an INCREDIBLE line up, Kill Taupe has absolutely out-done himself in collecting an national spread of incredible and widely known creatives.

Stop by and enjoy the sensory overload, trust me, you DON’T want to miss this show! ❤

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The show will feature work from:

– Matthew Ryan Sharp
– Kristin Barr
– Gus Fink
– Dennis Hansbury
– Cuddly Rigor Mortis
– Emi Boz
– Dusty Artwork
– Allesandro Echevarria
– Jenn & Tony Bot
– JC Rivera
– Emi Slade
– Scottoons
– Jamie Fales
– Love and a Sandwich
– Kill Taupe
– Martin Corba
– Heather Hansma
– A Little Stranger
– Carlos Araujo
– Cody Schibi
– Crystal mielcarek
– Crowded Teeth
– GrimSheep
– Bonus Saves
– Miss Monster
– Time Pewe
– Rsin
– Happycloud Thunderhead
– Lauren Moyer
– Matthew Keiser
– Stephen Vincent
– Noitan
– Perfect Laughter
– Hello Again Monsters
– Vanessa Ramirez
– Took Gallagher
– Wise Chick
– Sumbody
– Mike Kelly

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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