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I have an interesting habit of taking notice of most things skin…..

I understand that may seem a little creepy, but in my humble opinion, the insides of things generally look the same and are much creepier. Before any of you ask .. no..those are not of particular interest to me. Back to the skin. Scientifically the largest organ of the body and presumably largest for all organisms, it’s actually kind of strange how radically different it is.

Now obviously I have some biology in my heart, but this lesson has most certainly been taught to me with art. The vast array of materials I have available to me as a 21st century artist, coupled with a desire to recreate those natural textures and details in my creations, has taught me hands is absolutely fabulous.

Many of my new pieces reveal my efforts to experiment with this recreation. There will be several deep sea creatures for the summer tables (I got really carried away with the translucent effects), as well as some swamp-like creatures to show off the watery seaweed and nasty swamp experiments. of course there will be AWESOME hyper-pop mutants and aliens, and a few omage’ pieces fresh off the lab tables. Perhaps not surprisingly (with the whole skin bit), I’ve been  inevitably drawn to taxidermy arts as well. While not particularly pleasant or in any way nice smelling, the desired effects of preserving natural skin mesh very well with my current works. Imagine a dinosaur with feathers shooting out of it. Built up knobby bumps of flesh with the sharp feathers piercing out. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. these highly anticipated taxidermy works will be on display and available for sale in October..during my official “31 days of Horror” event. ALL shows during this time will feature the morbid sculptures. dark paintings, and most importantly..wierd taxidermy. These will impress, so mark your calendars collectors 😉

On to the recent spring and coming summer exhibits. Many of you know I recently had an event @ Huntington Woods Gallery in Huntington Woods, mi last month. The show was a HUGE success and I saw many of my extra unique food-themed works go home to new adobes. The library/gallery was nothing short of courteous and helpful, and I can do nothing but thank my good friend Lisa Grix for her part in wrapping me in for the show! Continuing on into this month is the Meth&Hot Dogs2 show @LIFT gallery in Royal Oak, mi. Here I have a fantastic duo of works; one a painting of a wild colored squid named “Psychedelic Captain Pops” . The title of the work is cleverly “It’s time for PCP.” Silly and appropriate….yes. The second of the pair is the shabby-looking “Washed Up” piece, which is a sculpture of the now PCP in sculptural form…covered in tattoos, scars, gold rings, and puffing a Newport cigarettes. I used Gary Busey as my muse. (Yikes) These pieces (if not sold) will be available at my next summer tables, along with the new collection of wild monstrosities that always seem to explode from my cranium this time of year! As always you can always find additional works for sale via LIFT and 323 East Gallery, please click the links to the left side of the screen for more information regarding the collections and their respective prices.

Now….on to the summer! (The VERY busy summer)

Next on the calendar is my very special Shadow Art Festival. This bi-annual event takes place @ the Corner Brewery every summer/winter in Ypsilanti, MI. I try to be involved in as many of these shadow events as possible, they are simply terrific and I am lucky enough to have a fairly large collector base there whom make it point to visit me each year 😀 The venue is always PACKED with art and beer hungry movers/shakers, and the brewery always outdoes themselves with commemorative (one day only) micro-batch of special brew just for visitors of the event. There is usually live music going on in the beer garden all day, and now more than ever, there are all kinds of performances, inter-active programs, and just generally cool displays unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. This event takes place Saturday July 16th from noon to midnight, and I guarantee no matter where you are, this special fair will be well worth the drive. I will have an unbelievably cool collection of works…from pendants to glowing angler fish, to beautiful feminine octopi nestled in bleached magnolia flowers. There will be vendor discounts at the tables, and all collectors who own a piece of my work (pendants included) are encouraged to email me pics of their pieces  to , so that I can send you a personal invitation to the show and 10% collector coupon. These coveted coupons will not only be good at the Shadow Art Fair, but at all my summer 2011 booths as well.

Following the SAF, I will be exhibiting at another Ypsilanti, MI event..the DIYpsi festival. Similar to the SAF, this event is more intimate and features many unique craftsmen and tasty local foods. Some of the snazzy people I know in the area who will NOT be exhibiting at the SAF will be displaying here…so its not a rehash of the same ole’ same ole’. If you don’t come for the squids, DO come for the maple bacon cupcakes. Yummmmmm!

Going on into the summer I will be exhibiting at the Peoples Art Festival, the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, River’s Edge Gallery, and many many others. I will be sure not to slag on my posts again lol, and will make sure everyone is in the “loop” about these events.

Please stay posted for many new photo updates, as well as purchasing information. And don’t worry if you’re from out of area, as is always the case…I ALWAYS accept commissions and ship over national/international borders!

Take care and make sure to swim…..


Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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