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Seeing Double

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First off, my apologies regarding my last post. I intended to attach a gallery of images and in fact had some technical issues. I will get the images up and viewing shortly. Thanks ~managment

Allright, that out of the way I’d like to announce a few things regarding this summers collection of works. I’ve been doing a lot of promotion for the Shadow Art Fair this coming Saturday, and this is for good reason. The table for this event will feature a spread of work that fully illustrates my direction for 2011. There will be several “Antiquarium” preview pieces (as well as information regarding the project) which are deep sea organisms installed with LED light systems (for all your bioluminescent needs), displayed as natural history diagrams. Some jellyfish will also be present.

For my pop collections….oh boy, do I have some tricks up my sleeve for you! Not only will I have the most excellent creatures slapped to painted works in my usual large supply, but lit shadow boxes, original paintings, and a preview of my very first….truly original……REVERSABLE SCULPTURAL ART. “Flippable works of fine art.”..yeah, I should coin that one. I plan to run a small collection of these, true treasures in their own right, and so colorful your eyes will fall out.
(Whoever takes that home is a lucky bastard) ha.

For my Detroit peoples, worry not…I have plenty of tricks for you too! Though I’m planning to take some time off the next couple of weeks, I will back at full force to fill the walls of my supporters and local merchants. For the People Art Festival I will have large pop pieces and creations that incorporate furniture and containers, with waves of bright colorful squid and strange oddities. Its going to be a great summer….

I’ve admitted to working too much (only on rare occasion) and allowed myself to run black lines over a few weeks in the calender with a sharpie. I’ll be heading up to the quiet lakes and late night drinks by the fire with some of my best friends. Then my family and I are celebrating my sons 3rd birthday. I can’t wait!
I will upload some preview pics thurs/Friday and run video and photos all day of the fair Saturday. I’ve got great help this year and the much needed tech upgrades, so there will be several opportunities for collectors to snatch items up virtually as well as window shop. 🙂

My next scheduled show after SAF is DIYpsi (aug 13), which is also in Ypsilanti, mi. Can’t wait to see the spread this summer, Ypsi has great peoples!

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Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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