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Surf and Turf: An exercise of two disciplines..

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As my system of organization continues to grow, so does the transition from idea to reality become easier for me. The equivilant to a restaurant with ideas coming in quick and steady, orders scribbled on note pads with almost illegible ink, and always with loud children and chattering strangers in the distance. My job is to stand tall in the kitchen and collect the materials, test the quality, then execute the goods! I like things to be fresh and fast…pretending Im a one woman army of great dishes and steamy piles of…oh wait, …….I mean..”finished” works of art. 😉

*ding ding*

That being said, here is tonights order! First up is the radial echinoderm mutanty thing.This work-in-progress is designed to appear stuck to the wall, with a blazing spiral eyeball to hypnotize. Its writhing, whirling, tentacles will whip around in a bloom of incredible color for maximum coolness. Not sure what colors I’ll go with on this one…but I have an idea.
Second in line and surely my wrap up for the evening, is the mighty mouse duo. Well, not really mighty mice persay, let’s go with the mice and cups duo. Real mice, real china tea cups.
Now I know many of my fans are curious about the ethical acquisition of my taxidermy pieces, so let me just state now for the record…its squeaky clean! Well, maybe “squeak” was a poor choice of pun. But these mice for example, were my pets. Treated with love and respect, I carefully chose my gentle little creatures to spend thier lives with me in comfort. They became tame and happy, and fat and old. Mice inherintly have a high mortality rate, so what is a year or two to enjoy an animal and wait? Maybe thats wierd, but the world of taxidermy is loaded with blurry lines, and this is the best I could do!

Below are images of both projects, wish me luck on my most unpleasant aspect of creation. For the sake of art!       *yack* *wharf*


Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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