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Accepting and loving Autumn and changes in the lab as well

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It was very difficult for me to accept the closing of summer. I absolutley adore fall, but I’ve always been greedy of memories of hot sandy beaches and cold beers next to swimming pools. Obviously I’ve got a healthy obsession with the water-but now I’ve also got a little buddy to indulge in water with, and the compulsion grows ever worse.
However, fall is absolutley intoxicating. The colors and smells, the Michigan falls with bountiful apples and pumpkins, and still…the cold beers by the fire side 😉 I’m okay with the ending of summer if it means the pagan festivities are begining!

The cooling of the season always relaxes me and brings about an all together sense of closure and concentration. The close of the summer festival and overall 11′ pop collections gives way for the rise of my Antiquarium collections and displays. Now I may have explained my concept of the Antiquarium before, but just in case you are unsure.. My Antiquarium is a traveling museum of sorts, it is a total cross-over display were I exhibit my taxidermy, macabre’, and antiqued natural history works of art. This alternate display allows me to let loose my demons and bone collector nature, I mean, you’ve got have your creative outlets. I’ll be selling pickles insects, mummified animal pendants and voodoo dolls amongst grotesque sea life and horrific sculpted works. I was always a special effects junkie in my earlier years, so a return to my roots really does me good.
So that being said, for the month of October, expect to see a wave of darker works and painted creepy furnitures. Yes, I even have some creepy furniture 😉  My pop works will still be available for sale through my etsy site and various gallerys around Earth. To the left hand side here there are links to sites where you can buy my *FAbulous works (if I don’t say so myself).

I will have a new piece available for sale at the upcoming “Urban Roots” show happening at gallery 323 East in Royal Oak, Mi, Sat. September 10th 2011. Its a very good line-up, and I’m quite dissapointed I will not be able to make the opening 😦 However my absence is well justified, my dear long-time friends are getting married, and I am super duper happy for them *heart bubbles*
Check these teasers of the work-this piece is a truly work of fine art, and speaks very much for itself.

Stay tuned!
*end transmission

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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