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I suppose you get used to it!

I clogged up my production tables with 5 days of coughing and oozing-so as you can imagine, I’m really under the gun this week. With big news, big shows, ang big work on the way….please be patient while I bring all web data up to date and organized.
I have methods to my madness, so trust me-its cool hunnybunny. 🙂

Most of you may know by now, but I am an extremely avid user of social media as well. My facebook page for example is constantly booming and my new fan site is streaming photos, press, and show goods from this moment on. (It’s fast upload and easy interface that places this site the highest on my list of information sites.) Consider it a virtual catalog if you will-until the time when the master catalog is published online-it serves very well to display previous collections and projects! That being said I’m sure its safe to say I.m obviously dissolved into buisness for the time being, with a calender this busy I’m going to need to keep focus and stay disciplined.

Enjoy these point-of-view shots of the pieces mixing around my tables….they may look humble now…but these are some seriously cool works of art in the making ❤



Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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