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“It’s What’s Inside that Counts” ~Taxidermic Sculpture hybrid artist: Emi Slade 2012

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Haus of Imy-Ut ( Tips on pronunciation; “house of Eme Ut”. The “U” in “ut” is heavy and deep-as in “up”. Its both elegant and guttural, ancient and contemporary…….well, At least I think so anyway ♥)

“Haus of Imy-ut” is a taxidermy design project created in early 2012 by sculptural artist Emily Slade. The purpose of this project is to explore the world of taxidermy through a new design lens and create both conceptual and decorative works of natural-origin art. The content of these works varies greatly from piece to piece, and swings from innocent to vile depending on the animal(s) used in the creation. With a strong focus on ethical collection, non-toxic production, and individuality expressed by the subjects-each piece from the H.O.I. collection is a work of soulful attachment and human interpretation.”

That being stated, here are images to my completed cross-over piece. I was thinking of signing the piece with the new seal for “H.O.Iu” or to stick with my standard smoking mushroom. I figured this piece should probably still retain my original signature as I hope it serves to expose to a new area a representative of my career/styles. Its horrible, and amazing, and nightmarish.    I’m proud.







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BIG changes!

I’ve got to make this short and sweet as I’m being summoned to the lab yet again….(feeding something BIG down there),…..

new blog time!

Here is the address to my new blog site: . This Tumblr account should help me get the hang of syncing everything together, a big thank you to my dear friend Kill Taupe for putting it together for me! I am EXTREMELY active on Facebook-so finally a way to divide myself evenly with little effort.

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