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More Coverage in WIRED magazine,, and Detroit News!


Just some quick media updates; a few magazine reviews and a “for sure” on a network television series ;D
As far as the latter goes, I cannot (sadly) reveal any details until I get the green light from the producers šŸ˜¦ Trust though, I wouldn’t be considering television if it wasn’t going to be damn good television šŸ˜‰

Below are the links to the magazines I’ve mentioned~have a look!

*Taxidermy coverage in WIRED magazine….HERE

*”Creature” fine art exhibit @ Gallery Project (Ann Arbor, Mi) via The Detroit NewsHERE

*More “Creature” coverage by AnnArbor.comHERE

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

2 thoughts on “More Coverage in WIRED magazine,, and Detroit News!

  1. Met you at the Ypsilanti Art Fair this summer and have been wondering about that TV show! I just decided to google the name of the show you mentioned it might be called, and couldn’t find it. Anyway I found YOU instead! Yay me! looking forward to details about the show though, for sure. Love your work!

    • Awesome! The two television shows I was offered were “Immortalized” and the pre-production show for the Scy-fy channe’s; “Beast Blenders”. The latter was canceled due to the formers failure to thrive…so I do not regret my decision to decline. Bigger and better things on the horizon in 2015. Thanks for your support Christina!

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