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New Year, New Website, Big Changes

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!

As with many people, 2015 brings with it many changes to my world both personal and professional, and as with many more people still….some resolutions. Don’t worry,  I’m not going to bore you with my ideals on losing a few *tens* of pounds or reading more (I already do quite a bit of that), or about how I’m going to organize a riot over my painfully slow AOL-dial-up-grade internet service (seriously…why Verizon, whhhhhy!!!!?!!) No, my resolutions involve tidying up my websites, webstores, and maybe launching a few product lines I’ve been chewing at for years. Those inevitable and eventually interesting resolutions aside, my New Years brought me a renewed sense of purpose and change in life position much more worthy of your time…so….with all this needed updating…let’s get to it shall we?

First and foremost: I FINALLY BUILT A WEBSITE. It’s and it now alone houses my web store with available works, blog posts, online links, photo galleries, and contact page for commission, commercial, and editorial requests. It’s basically the best thing ever, and I am looking forward to fine-tuning it into a beautiful flower of weird creatures and sassy professionalism for everyone to enjoy as 2015 lurches on. I’ll still make a few sporadic postings here, but like all good things it will soon come to an end. Please stop by and let me know what you think, and check back monthly for updates, new catch phrases, and new and improved works to zazz up your walls and domiciles!

Second: Things just got REAL. (Real big that is) My first work of 2015 is arguably the biggest and quite possibly the best work I’ve ever created. Measuring over 30″ × 28″ × 24″ and weighing a hefty 30 lbs is my infamous “Cerberus” bust. Cerberus features three very charismatic coyote heads, each heavily modified and sporting the additional recycled and compassionately sourced skins of rabbit, opposum, and black bear fur scraps. The heads are fused together into one large and beautifully sculpted LED illuminated chest, chock-full of erupting eyes and tentacle like projections.  The whole bust is permanently mounted on to a massive recycled wood trophy panel with custom designed ball feet and invisible battery housing, and hangs from a military grade steel hanging system designed to distribute weight for easy hanging. I literally poured myself into the creation, construction, and execution of this piece and spared absolutely no expense to ensure it’s permanence and beauty in this world (of which it clearly does not belong). Many of you will be familiar with the mythos of Cerberus, but just in case you are not here’s a brief recap of the classic Greek god/monster/entity here. For a full explanation of my Cerberus inspiration and process visit my new website blog January 9th (or anytime thereafter) here. It’s a beautiful thing really, I feel like I have finally come into my own skin as an artist, and these puppies, and brilliant artist Chet Zar,  helped me get there.DSCF0010 DSCF0028 DSCF0038

This piece was specially created for Chet’s epic group show “Conjoined V” at none other than Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, Ca. Pictures of Cerberus went live New Years day and wow…did they stir up some attention! Rumor has it the piece will be making it’s debut in not only the notorious Galleries offical show catalog along side near legendary current artists, but many international art periodicals and perhaps even on film. After shipping him out and having myself a good therapeutic cry, I decided every dog must indeed have it’s day and that it was time for one of these.



And Last, but certainly not least: the future. Unknown to all but planned for by foolhardy people like me. After my next piece for Bash Contemporary Gallery (California) my next big piece of news will be my tropical destination wedding eating up February. With only the endless blue ocean, Cozumel sky, and a handful of my closest tribe members I will be off the map and in my own element sealing the deal on a decade long dance between me and my biggest fan and best friend. When I come back, I’ll hopefully have some beautiful pictures and some big news to share with you. (Drama Bomb!)

Until then my friends,  stay beautiful and stay with me ❤



Thank you HIGH FRUCTOSE for the feature on my Artic Merfox @La Luz de Jesus!! <– Click to see the popular video (it’s on IG too!)

This diva even got a mention on Laughing Squid HERE and several other sites! On Fire ❤

Slade_Artic Merfox (3)


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Double-headed Weekend of Oddity and Wonder!



Kicking off this weekend is much anticipated “Rogue Taxidermy Biannual” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA which features the most groundbreaking artists working in the controversial medium today. 

Quoted from La Luz’s website; “This is not your granddady’s taxidermy: road kill is a central part of the “recycled” philosophy of this unusual and enlightening exhibition, as are discarded livestock, destroyed nuisance animals, casualties of the pet trade and animals that have expired from natural causes. Other sculptures utilize taxidermy techniques in an unorthodox way to fashion fantastic beasts from everyday materials–even the recycled pelts of toy stuffed animals. Elements of technology and decoration combine to create ornaments that approach high art, not only in craft, but in concept.

Materials and even species are mixed, helping to broaden presumptive definitions.
Pieces in this exhibition span Steam Punk to Rococo -from playful to elegant.

 On Saturday, May 3rd from 2 until 5 PM, Katie, Divya, and Lauren will present a live taxidermy demonstration using prepared and raw materials as they answer questions about the artform.

For all you midwestern folks, I’ve also got something good for you too!


Public Opening Reception: May 3rd 7-9PM
Special Collectors Preview: May 3rd 6-7PM (RSVP: $20, Call 618.407.5596 or email:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.40.22 PM
Yours Truly is am awareness and fundraising exhibition for the Human Rights Campaign. The Exhibition will feature 100 artworks on postcards from artists all around the world. On the back of each postcard is a very special message from the featured artist answer this questions: “If you could say one thing to someone living in desperation, what would it be?”. Each answer to this question will be kept a secret until after the postcard has been purchased. All postcards will be priced $5-$50, and available to take home right away showing your support. 100% of Proceeds Donated to the Human Rights Campaign! We aim to raise awareness, bring hope and also create a special connection with our audience. We hope you will join us and spread the word!

More information or available works can be found here:


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Big Updates: Back in the Saddle Again!

As I had hoped, sure enough 2014 started off with a bang! 2013 was a roller coaster with extreme highs and lows, and near the end quarter my production had slowed down to a near lurch. Thankfully, my period of deep reflection and careful planning erupted a new tier of inspiration and zest for creation that I am very much enjoying. I am back to full swing production and have never been so happy or proud to be near my desk again!

Gearing up my newest wave of work for this year were some interesting acrylic paintings, some epic sculpted sea creatures, and some truly outstanding taxidermy/sculptural hybrids. While I have also been creating private & commission works to keep the art machine that is my studio running, I have been chatting with some amazing new friends and curators and have found great homes for all these reckless and wild public works of art. Alexi Era Gallery in Saint Louis, MO has included my “Gilded Cuttlefish” and “Archetype of Adventure” works in their current exhibition “Indelible”. Here is the link for the gallery and show~HERE. The previous show “Small Treasures” (Also at Alexi Era) debuted alongside “Mass Culture” and featured my two little octopi sharing a moment of loving embrace.

La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood, CA reached out and received the two taxidermic animal hybrids “Arctic Merfox” and “Conjoined Jackalope”. Both of these sculptures are entirely hand made from eyes to elbows, and the animal parts were collected from extremely ethical sources. The “Arctic Merfox” is a wild, underwater sea fox with wild snapping jaws, gills, tentacles, and flicking tongue. The creature is constructed with arctic fox fur remnants and domestic rabbit fur. The teeth and mouth are all sculpted using the same techniques as I use to create sea creatures; layers of polymer and epoxy clay sculpted and painted to perfection  . The “Conjoined Jackalope” is a very elegantly fused pair of rabbit heads, with fused sculpted antlers and melded double features. The muzzles were also enlarged and rounded to create a more antelope like profile.

These pieces for the “Biannual Rogue Taxidermy Show”  will be available for purchase May 2nd (opening night) through La Luz online or in person at the event. I will post more information regarding other participating artists as the event nears, but just as it was 2 years ago when I visited with my nightmare rabbit, this will be a one-of-a-kind experience and will not fail to impress in every possible way!

Link to LA Luz de Jesus gallery site HERE.

IndelibleArchetype_of_Adventure_Slade.Emi(1)Gilded Cuttlefish_Slade (2)May_2014_Taxidermy-300x389Slade_Artic Merfox (2)Slade_Artic Merfox (3)Slade_Conjoined Jackalope (3)Slade_Conjoined Jackalope (4)

Wow! Much needed update ~ New works on exhibit at the New Alexi Era Gallery

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Wow! Much needed update ~ New works on exhibit at the New Alexi Era Gallery

These are the flyers for the last two shows I was honored to be involved with @ Alexi Era Gallery! My piece “Sharing a moment” which is two octopus lovers exchanging a caress and a gift of sparkling stone, debuted along with Mass Culture in the accompanying group mini show “Small Treasures”.
Currently on exhibit is the beautiful “Indelible” show, featured work from superstar artists Yoko-d’Holbachie, Valency Genis, Chris Haas, Scott Holloway, Cory Benhatzel, yours truly, and many many more! My two pieces (Available for purchase) are the “Archetype of Adventure” a large blue salty sea creature with a thousand stories but only one good eye. His body is dimpled with fish hooks, tattoos, battle scars, and all the little details you’d expect on an old time octo-mariner. Second is the bejeweled “Gilded Cuttlefish”, a highly textured and golden brushed cuttlefish sculpture, equip with an oracle inspired glass gem “eye” and ornate faux-wrought iron body details. Both pieces are sure to leave a mark on their viewers, naturally ❤

Click the flyer images to be redirected to the current Alexi Era show coverage and online gallery or visit to learn more about this brilliant new gallery!

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“Artist Emi Slade specializes in monstrous sculptures and taxidermy”; an Interview with the Ann Arbor News

“If you are looking for art that is delightful freaky, look no further than the art of Emi Slade. Her fantastical sculptures of deep sea creatures, biology-inspired art, and “rouge” taxidermy sells rather well, which must mean there are plenty of oddballs among us.”

“Beyond biology, she also draws inspiration from monster movies. “It’s always about an abnormal event, and my brain thinks in terms of abnormal events,” she says.

Read the complete article following the link below:


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STUDIO VISIT: Emi Slade An Interview with Detroit’s Metro Times

Meet Emi SladeHer work is an eclectic mix of painting, sculpting, airbrushing and taxidermy. She draws inspiration from classic science fiction novels, vintage psychedelic art, and contemporary pop surrealism. These inspirations show through in a body of work that includes large-eyed tentacled creatures and monocled skunks with top hats………”

Read the complete article following the link below: