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The Rapture

My husband, (Black Lid) will be playing on the back of a 50 foot metal dragon that shoots fire, drives, seats 20, and has a dj booth. It’s the last party on Earth. It’s going to be unreasonably rad.  …………..Hell……….Yes.

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Tomorrow! “Plated” is here!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Taking place at the Huntington Woods Gallery (6:30-8:30pm) located inside the beautiful Huntington Woods Cultural Center is the much talked about “Plated” event.

The exhibition features over a dozen new works for artist Emi Slade and all pieces relate to food art and surrealism. That’s right…weird, delicious looking, psychedelic food 🙂  The works on display are very very collectible, highly aesthetic, and all works are very reasonably priced. Collectors can expect to fetch pieces for as low as 10-60$, while larger works range between 125-250$. This is FOR SURE an exciting, innovative, and affordable art show. All works are created using acrylic paints,  polymer and epoxy based clays, and other various features. There is NO real food on the exhibition pieces (even though they look very real indeed). All proceeds go to fund my exploration in mold making and large sculptural development.

My husband Dick will be setting a table full of delicious exotic cheeses, fruits, and appetizers. There will also be wine available for those who care to have a glass. 🙂  PLUS, there’s a incredible piano in the gallery, so we may find a pianist for the event as well!

This event is free and is located @Woods Gallery, Huntington Woods MI…click here for directions and library hours.

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Work list for the “Plated” exhibition

These are the rough descriptions of work to be displayed @ the Woods Gallery…

1. Hot Cross Cutie

2. Herb Crusted Centerfold Cheese

3. “Cultured”  <—-chessey 😛

4. Raspberry tarts/Shortbread

5. Sushi

6. Bangkok Street Food

7. Fresh Mediterranean

8. Rare Deep Sea Delicacy

9. Shores of Italy, risotto in garlic cream sauce

10. Cosmic Brownie

11. Sundae Squids

……Now to start working on these menus and table settings.!

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A quick view of some works for “Plated” on May 12th…

I will be hosting a  solo exhibition, Thursday May 12th, from 6:30-8:30pm located at the Woods Gallery in Huntington Woods, Mi. The unique display is titled “Plated: A full Service Exhibition”, and as promised, there will be many new works to browse through….

Now what is “Plated” all about?

Well, “Plated” is an exhibition of works related to food art and plate presentation. Basically, this means I am installing the creatures of the collection atop silver platters and tea sets, topping them with syrup, and throwing on a sprinkle of sugars and spices in for good measure. Many of the works are in a state of already being eaten, while some are served fresh from the fish counter with rice and fruit garnishes. OF COURSE there are some adorable sweet creatures, and even a cheese squid or two (yes..I did just say cheese squid), but all the works are sure to fit most everyones’ taste. All aspects of the work are created using polymer/epoxy based clays, Acrylic and enamel paints, and are constructed using traditional sculpture methods. So in short, no..your cherry-on-top isn’t going to good bad 🙂

There will be over 10 brand new pieces, and several small collections of food-themed creature pendants and small, reasonably priced plated appetizers.

My fabulous husband will be presenting our visitors with a delicious presentation of cheese, fruit, and wines as well. So make sure you make an appearance to try some interesting and delicious real food items as well. We may even have some cupcakes too for all you sweet tooths out there!

I will be sure to post more information concerning this event as it approaches, but if you want to see my first solo show in over a YEAR!, mark your calenders… you won’t want to miss this one!