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Blown Away. Red cheeked. Bushy Tailed Me.


What began as a singular experiment involving sculpey, paint, and a cycloptic creature from a dream..has now officially developed into my greatest artistic experiment to date. The public reception to my humble memgarie has been overwhelming, with collectors appearing out of every circle, and a river of wide eyed stares appearing at my booths over the length of the summer. It’s really something truly flattering and amazing.

I’m sure everyone has moments in there lives that have a marked sensation of unreal. They can be as mundane as discovering a missing center piece to a puzzle 2 months after you’ve given up completion, or as overwhelming as the moment you seal the deal with a spouse or hold your first born child. In fact, I venture to say we have all experienced these moments, frequently if we are lucky. Now I don’t know what actally caused the planets to align in just the right way to allow this moment to happen…but I got mine 3 days ago at the Theatre Bizarre’s: Bizarre Bazzar. Let’s just say as I handed over the bulk of my artistic creations, I felt a certain said out of bodyness. Never before have I ever given so many of my personal thoughts, dreams, and aspirations in the form of clay to others I barely know. It was beautiful and I can’t thank you all enough for it.

*squishy happy moment*


*Clears Throat*

Allright, enough of that heart warming rant..let’s talk about the goods!

My first line of “Show” pieces have all found new homes. If you check my Etsy site you will see the majority of previously listed works are gone. This is Eden in my studio! The new open spaces are just screaming to expel new monsters and my funds to fuel new experimental projects has materialized! Blue prints and Prto types have been completed for the upcoming Peoples Art Festival (August 28-29th) and it looks like there will be an excess of 10 new pieces, all priced to sell, and everyone has taken a huge evolutionary step from their predecessors. I started my coffee intravenous drip…and now it is truly Crunch Time.

I will be updating frequently the development of these projects so everyone has the chance to experience the chaos, lol, and I will be taking deposits on the larger items as they go to show- on the condition that I can torment my crowds with it!

Moving into the month of September there will be a showing at the Detroit Comics store front, the “Anti-quarium” will be expanding into a few choice local retail locations, and some very exciting taxidermy commisions will be released. I do plan to do some much needed “Putting of the feet up”, but some new techniques and experimental materials have got me biting at my nails to show them off. Damn you polarized impulses.

In a nutshell….stay tuned much appreciated friends and fans….there has never been a more progressive moment in my life (and I want very much to share it with you) ❤

Oh, and my Etsy is scheduled to be restocked following the close of August. Until then, just check back here for updates and feel free to drop me comments with your questions or requests!

*High Five*

Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

2 thoughts on “Blown Away. Red cheeked. Bushy Tailed Me.

  1. squeeeeee…I’m SO excited for you, Emi!

  2. Your work is one in a million! Tom and I couldnt stop raving about it and my kids fell in love with their necklace monster wear…I will post pictures for you to have…. I will need more I am sure 😉

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