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On the subject of paint chips and glue


My goodness. What a month. To be honest I kind of just realized its September, and it almost scared me….really?! That was fast. It is true time flies when you are having fun…but it also flys by when your working, or sleeping, or just living. It just flys by,  period.

I’m really liking my temporary studio set up. I am having a hell of a time controlling humidity in my previous work space, so I have begun the process of relocation into a more professional and more climate controlled studio. In the mean time I’ve taken control of my dining room and scattered my surprisingly organized mess all over the tables, counters, and shelves. The natural light is wonderful, and I can jam my music, fold laundry, and slang paint all in the same room at the same time. I LOVE it!

Nothing like ~multitasking, ha.

~It seems once you have kids…this is a fundamental practice that will make or break you, lol.

Starting off the month on the right foot, I’ve officially stocked the local favorite, “Detroit Comics” in downtown Ferndale! If you are in the area, or feel so motivated to drop by, please have a look over the works on display there and feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. If you are interested in sales, you may contact me directly at “” or speak with the available staff.

I must say, the “Kingpin” Kraken (Surreal Trophy Piece) is proudly hanging in the gallery and looks absolutely stunning! There are several very affordable pieces, and of course there is also the snazzy Art-O-Mat art vending machine, and many great comics and zines to be thumbed through!

Other than that, This month is primarily dedicated to establishing a new batch of monster goods (to peddle of course), get some more local spaces like 323 in Royal Oak a solid slice of squid sculpture pie, and concentrate my energy on special orders and new techniques. I’ve got some really cool dioramas and displays to finish up, and some very interesting new paintings that highlight my absurd love for classic science fiction. Throw in a few charitable pieces and I’ve got myself another zipping past month, ……ahhh well…I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Here’s a couple snapshots of a some works growing around the lab, note the giant cage (it is soon to be filled!) enjoy!

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Author: artofemislade

Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

2 thoughts on “On the subject of paint chips and glue

  1. Juana and I saw your work hanging at Detroit Comics today. I know you must get tired of me gushing, but I needed to say that the display is impressive and delightful. “Kingpin” is breathtaking. “Shrimp” is just adorable.

    And what a joy to have the Art-o-mat machine surrounded by such boundless engergy!

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