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Show Review: “DEM BONEZ: Reconstruction”

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“What opened last Friday, March 25th 2011, at Zakka in New York was the much anticipatedDem Bonez “The Reconstruction” – vinyl custom show! This event is centered around one figure, a vinyl platform created by the godfather of graffiti, SEEN, and features custom works from a talented pool of toy customizers, fine art painters, sculptors, graffiti and special FX artists from all around, and wow did all the pieces turn out awesome!”

It’s fair to say this show kicked some serious booty, but if you need proof….check out this sweet video created by OsirisOrion!!

(My pieces is the 4th to be viewed)

Dem Bonez custom show @ Zakka 3/25/11 DUMBO NYC from OsirisOrion on Vimeo.

Here are some of my photos of the piece, titled “Atlantian Relic”, it features a thick crusted of algae, sea life, and seaweed strands covering the entire back side. A little treat for those who view all angles of the work! The front side shows off the stone painted skeletal features and also hosts two large cephalopods spilling out of the stone cavities. Truly a phenomenal piece that is sooo incredibly priced (250$!) Please contact either Curator Den Ramos or ZAKKA Gallery for purchasing information ❤

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Painter, Sculptor, Wicked Rogue Taxidermist.

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